“We must, alas, die. Vanish, oh night. Set, stars. At dawn, I will throb, I will throb, I will throb.”The concept for THROB arose from a study of sculptor Richard Serra’s “Investigation of Forms” — in my case, the forms of 16 women and the basement of Los Amigos Supermercado in Minneapolis. It is a piece for a multitude that was further inspired by misogyny, prison showers, marching bands, soccer hooliganism, and A Chorus Line.

Tiny Fires is a group dance work for 20 performers commissioned by University of Minnesota funded by the 2016-2017 Cowles Visiting Artist Grant. This piece investigates investigates the sparks that ignite in the multitude tenderness or aggression or humanity or complete conflagration.

The Body is an Archive is an immersive installation of short, looped, video pieces that play on 8 monitors, 36 still images, and a 30 minute live performance that explores how memory lives in our bodies through the vocabularies of social dance. With 47 participants, and 14 live performers, this work examines how these dances are touchstones to memory, how they stay with us and and how we make them our own, no matter what age we are. The Body is an Archive was a special commission from Artspace New Haven, presented at the City Wide Open Studios Festival 2019.

The Scraps marks the passing and folding over of time, both with wild velocity and glacial slowness. The ghosts of recollections emerge and fade. It is a piece about endurance, non-linearity, and having a body that is an instrument for memory.

Pretend is New Dance about identity. We are an amalgamation of images and/or icons absorbed from the world around us: popular culture, our socioeconomic backgrounds, the culture of politics, religion, and so on. In our day-to-day lives, we use these images to form and re-create our identities to adapt to particular situations. Do we lose sight of our genuine selves in the process?

Emotional Genius is New Dance that focuses a choreographic lens on the tension between genuine emotionality and artifice. It is inspired, in part, by joke telling, game show culture, author Edouard Levé, and 21st Century neuroses.

Security is a New Dance piece that explores how barely acquainted colleagues cope with maintaining emotional and physical connections to one another during the tedious hours of shift work.